How to get Schematics Pro

You will find below of full guide to get started with Schematics Pro. The setup is automated as much as possible, but given some VS Code and GitHub limitations, it still requires some manual actions.


After checking the requirements, the first step is to sponsor the Schematics Pro author to get access to the sponsorware.

There are 2 ways to sponsor:

  • Yearly: 69$ by user
  • Monthly: 6$ by user

You will find more details on the GitHub sponsoring page.

Need help to convince your company to sponsor? Here are some ideas.

License activation

After your sponsorship is confirmed, you need to activate your Schematics Pro account, in just 2 steps:

  1. read and accept the license agreement,
  2. link your license to your GitHub account.

Install the VS Code extension

After license activation confirmation, a link will be provided to download a VSIX file (the VS Code extensions format), also sent to you by email. Then:

  1. In Visual Studio Code, install the extension from the downloaded VSIX file, you can do this from:
    • Extensions view (Tetris icon in the left bar) > Other actions (top-right icon of 3 horizontal dots) > "Install from VSIX"
    • View > Command Palette > search "VSIX" > "Extensions: Install from VSIX"
    • in a Terminal: code --install-extension path/to/schematicspro-x.x.x.vsix
  2. If an Angular project is already opened, you will be asked to authenticate with GitHub


On first Schematics Pro activation, a walkthrough will be displayed: it serves as documentation and tutorial, please take a few minutes to read it. In particular, the first walkthrough covers the basics and provides a troubleshooting guide in case of problem.

You can come back to it at any time from the VS Code menu:

  1. View
  2. Command Palette
  3. search "Documentation"
  4. choose "Schematics Pro: Documentation and tutorials"