Schematics Pro features

You will find below the list of all the current features. Note:


No command line

Angular CLI is amazing, but command lines can be tedious and typos often happen. The main difficulty is typing the full destination path, which can be long in non-trivial projects. Schematics Pro provides a graphical interface: just right-click on the destination folder you want, and done! The generated file is opened automatically: just start coding. Do not manually type a command line again.

Classic Pro
  • Graphical interface
  • Automatic path detection
  • Automatic file opening
  • Internal schematics generator
    • Faster generation
    • No terminal involved, no shells issues
    • Global Angular CLI not required
    • No issues with yarn or pnpm

Generation journey

With Angular CLI, you generate one thing at a time. With Schematics Pro, generating a module will be followed by a component or service generation.

Classic Pro
  • Module with routing journey
  • Module of components journey
  • Module of services journey

Enhanced Angular schematics

While Angular CLI laid the foundations of schematics, it is now focusing on build optimizations. Schematics Pro extends the default schematics, so your every day work is automated as much as possible.

Classic Pro
  • Automatic component suffix based on lint config
  • Route option for page components
  • Automatic ActivatedRoute if route has a param
  • Import a new module in multiple other modules
  • Existing modules are suggested

Custom schematics

Did you know you can write your own schematics? When you do so, Schematics Pro will handle them as well as the Angular CLI official schematics collection. Same goes for third-party libraries schematics.

Classic Pro
  • Third-party schematics
  • Custom schematics via Angular CLI API
  • Simpler custom schematics API
  • 🚀

Good practices & optimization

Predefined types

In Angular, dissociating pages (routed components) from view components is a major factor for maintainability, scalability, reusability, testability and optimization. With Schematics Pro, just select one of the predefined component types, and advanced options will be setup automatically! Same goes for modules.

Classic Pro
  • Predefined components types
  • Predefined modules types
  • Predefined services types
  • 🚀

Custom predefined types

You want to add custom predefined types for a schematic? Or you want to follow alternative good practices? Schematics Pro allows you to fully customize predefined types for any schematic, including the Angular collection but also any third-party schematic.

Classic Pro
  • Extend internal predefined types
  • Add predefined types for any schematic


Enforce folders

If you do not want your team and yourself to generate anything anywhere, Schematics Pro lets you Associate a specific schematic or a predefined type to a folder, and it will be automatically preselected.

Classic Pro
  • Associate a path to a schematic
  • Predefined folders for module of pages

Entry files

Entry files (barrels) are what libraries do. For example, @angular/core is an entry point allowing to import many elements (Component, Input,...) from one place. For your shared modules, Schematics Pro will automate the entry file management.

Classic Pro
  • Automatic index.ts
  • Automatic TypeScript path mapping
  • Ask private or public in subsequent generations


If you need to manage multiple projects at the same time, there are a lot of solutions available today. Schematics Pro supports the most popular ones: Visual Studio Code workspaces, Angular CLI monorepo configuration and Nx workspaces.

Classic Pro
  • VS Code workspaces
  • Angular CLI monorepo
  • Nx (with angular.json)
  • Nx (with workspace.json)
  • 🚀