About Schematics Pro

The author

Hello! My name is Cyrille Tuzi, and I live in Paris, France. As I am quite bad at presenting myself (hello impostor syndrome), here are some bullet points:

  • 1999: I learn HTML, CSS and PHP in my teenager room while lauching a website dedicated to Nintendo GameCube
  • 2004: while good in maths, I choose totally unrelated studies in philosophy
  • 2007: I start as a profesional fullstack developer
  • 2008: I get the PHP certification
  • 2010: I start teaching PHP then JavaScript courses
  • 2016: I release my first open source library Angular async local storage
  • 2018: I start Angular and Ionic consulting
  • 2018: I release Angular schematics extension for Visual Studio Code, now used by 550 000 developers
  • 2021: I release Schematics Pro
  • 2022: I will be working full-time on Schematics Pro thanks to sponsorships?

By sponsoring, you will be able to get in touch with me directly. I am looking forward to meet you.

The story behind Schematics Pro

I started to teach Angular courses in March 2016, when Angular was still in beta (Angular 2 stable was released in September 2016). Angular CLI was not stable until Angular 4, released in March 2017. So during one year, trainees were creating every file manually from scratch.

Angular CLI release has been a great help to facilitate and accelerate learning, but it was not perfect yet: some trainees are not familiar with command lines, and even for the others, it is tedious and typos often happen. And while a correct Angular CLI command saves you time, just one typo wastes your time, as you have to delete all files, and also imports in other files.

In my work context, it was a big problem. I teach to developers already working, so the courses duration is only 3 or 4 days. It is a very short time to teach everything important in Angular. Especially when front-end software developer is a new job.

So that is how I had the idea of the Angular Schematics extension for Visual Studio Code: a graphical interface, so you do not have to type any command line. Released in June 2018, it was the first tool of its kind. As it is developed with real world developer issues in mind, it has been well received: Angular Schematics VS Code extension is now used by 550 000 developers.

In my Angular courses, it was a game changer: by saving a lot time, we can now focus on more advanced topics. But many advanced things could be automated too, and as time went by, I had more and more ideas to ease the developer experience.

But my open source work was getting to a point where I could not spend more time unpaid. That is when I heard about sponsorware, which could allow me to push the Angular Schematics VS Code extension much further.

The result is Schematics Pro, with all its features.

The future of Schematics Pro

While Angular CLI laid the foundations of schematics generation, it is now focusing on build optimizations. Yet, a lot more could be enhanced and automated. That is the goal of Schematics Pro.

If you help me by sponsoring, my profesional goal is to work full-time on Schematics Pro, to automate every single thing possible, even advanced practices. I have a ton of ideas, so the current features list is really just the beginning.