Build optimized and architectured Angular projects (including Ionic and Nx) in no time, with the combined power of Visual Studio Code and schematics. No command line.

Generating a routing module with a simple service, an optimized view component and a page associated to a route:

75 seconds with Angular CLI
(assuming no typo, otherwise you can double or triple that, and that you are an Angular expert knowing all the advanced options)

35 seconds with Schematics Pro
(assuming nothing)
Productivity increased by more than 100%!


  • Graphical interface, no command line
  • Automatic path detection
  • Enhanced Angular schematics

Good practices

  • Predefined components types
  • Predefined modules types
  • Custom predefined types


  • Enforce folders
  • Entry files automation
  • Monorepos: VS Code, Angular CLI, Nx